So Coded

A Web Conference in Hamburg

We are premiering this year as the two-day campfire event for developers in central Europe. With about a dozen international speakers we are bringing Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP and our shared passion for the web together. Join them and 150 fellow coders in Hamburg to learn, teach, hack and have fun.

So Coded is crafted to your convenience.

We think good talks need their time to sink in. So we made room for you to think and talk about them.

We think boring talks are annoying so we skip them and go only with a handful awesome speakers each day.

We think a hacker conference should be about hacking. So we have rented a whole house to make room for you to mingle.


So Coded is awesome.

We think if you are awesome, come and join us !


Check out our travel guide for more information on coming to Hamburg and getting around.

One City - So Many Devs

As a hack-centric but language-agnostic conference So Coded is the ideal setting for passionate developers - a perfect storm of tech interests. No matter if your pet peve is Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Java, or anything else. As long as you code, we got you covered. So Coded!

The Venue

Be our guest in an old, remodeled police station which now features a large multi- purpose hall, two bars, and a plethora of smaller rooms for impromptu discussions, hang outs and hack sessions.

With about a dozen high-quality talks sprinkled across two days, and with lots of breaks in between, the event is designed to foster organic communication. All talks will be streamed live to the bar, and there will always be time and space to connect with like-minded peers.

We aim to make the classic “hallway conf” a first class citizen. Enjoy two days of that, complete with free beverages and nice food throughout.

We think hungry attendees are a shame and that food means more than amazing sandwiches. So Coded got your taste buds covered!


Right after So Coded this year's Oktoberfest kicks off on the 21st of September in Munich. A bunch of So Coded organizers, speakers and attendees will go on a trip down south and attend the world's biggest funfair/beer fest. You can join us! Get your Codoberfest ticket and more info here.

Nerdboat 2013

Arr, matey! Join Florian and his crew and let a hacker's dream come true: 30 developers, designers, web hackers and tinkerers on a boat. No internet, no fixed schedule - just talks, sailing, wind, food and great people.

Check their website to set sail! We are working together with Florian to make sure that you will have a smooth back-to-back experience with So Coded & Nerdboat.

Code Of Conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at So Coded are required to agree with our code of conduct.